CORDE Recruitment Campaign

Project Info


Behind the project

In partnership with Madeknown, We had the opportunity of shooting around 20+ staff from all areas of CORDE, so many stories and characters to hear from.

It’s always a pleasure to promote a voice from everyone in the company and in doing this campaign, we definitely did. We talked to Project Managers, Gardners, Arborists, Heavy Machinery Operators, Mechanics, Lawn mower Operators, Grader Operators, Team Leaders, Facility Cleaners and more, all to enable them a platform to share why CORDE is the best place to work!

From there we complied short recruitment content to push onto Paid Advertising running on Facebook and Instagram. We targeted multiple different videos with an audience fitting to the genre.

We have had comments back from CORDE stating not only have they had so many applications to fill the vacant rolls but the quality of the talent that has been found through these ads has been phenomenal.

To say these were a success would be an understatement.